Merle Greene Robertson, General Editor

Martha J. Macri and Jan McHargue, Volume Editors

Originally published in 1996 as Eighth Palenque Round Table, 1993, edited by Martha J. Macri and Jan McHargue. San Francisco: Pre-Columbian Art Research Institute.


Palenque in the Maya World
By Nikolai Grube

Creation, Cosmos, and the Imagery of Palenque and Copan
By Linda Schele and Khristaan D. Villela

Astronomy and the Iconography of Creation
Among the Classic and Colonial Period Maya
By Khristaan D. Villela and Linda Schele

Birds of a Feather: The Fallen Stucco Inscription
Of Temple XVIII, Palenque, Chiapas
By William M. Ringle

A Collocation Denoting a 'Substitute'
Relationship in Classic Maya Inscriptions
By Jorge L. Orejel

The Ritual Suicide of Maya Rulers
By Jürgen Kremer and Fausto Uc Flores

Desarrollo arquitectónico del Grupo Norte de Palenque
By Alejandro Tovalín Ahumada and Gabriela Ceja Manrique

Análisis químico de materiales encontrados en excavación,
dos casos: porta-incensarios tipo Palenque y
cinabrio usado en practicas funerarias

By Javier Vázquez Negrete and Rodrigo Velázquez

Caracterización de materiales constitutivos de relieves en estucos,
morteros y pintura mural de la zona arqueológica de Palenque, Chiapas

By Javier Vázquez Negrete and Rodrigo Velázquez

La secuencia técnica de los relieves de Palenque:
una vista a través del microscopio electrónico

By Ximena Vázquez del Mercado, Mercedes Villegas Yduñate,
D. Magaloni, D. Rios and L. Baños

Toniná, un recorrido por los relieves
By Frida Mateos González

Nuevos datos sobre las inscripciones de Comalcalco
By Jean-Michel Hoppan

Los pintores de Bonampak
By Diana Magaloni, Richard Newman, Leticia Baños and Tatiana Falcon

Excavations, Interpretations, and Implications of the Earliest
Structures Beneath Structure 10L-26 at Copan, Honduras
By Richard Williamson

A Carving Sequence for Stela 1, Copan, Honduras
By Jan McHargue

Precious Stones of Grace: A Theory of the Origin
And Meaning of the Classic Maya Stela Cult
By Elizabeth A. Newsome

Benches, Brothers, and Lineage Lords of Copan
By Sandra Bardsley

The Future of the Maya Past:
The Convergence of Conservation and Investigation
By William Fash, Ricardo Agurcia Fasquelle,
Barbara W. Fash, and Rudy Larios Villalta

The Organization and Composition of Classic Maya
Lowland Society: The View from Caracol, Belize
By Arlen F. Chase and Diane Z. Chase

Tikal's "Star War" Against Naranjo
By Simon Martin

The Chocholá Ceramic Style of Northern Yucatan:
An Iconographic and Archaeological Study
By Traci Ardren

Algunas ollas polícromas del noroeste de la
península de Yucatán: un caso del catalogo de
vasijas polícromas mayas

By Sylviane Boucher and Yoly Palomo

World Creator and World Sustainer: God N at Chichén Itzá
By Lynn Foster and Linnea Wren

Archaeological Excavations of a Round Temple at Uxmal:
Summary Discussion and Implications for Northern Maya Culture History
By Jeff Karl Kowalski, Alfredo Barrera Rubio,
Heber Ojeda Más and José Huchim Herrera

The Corpus of Maya Hieroglyphic Inscriptions Project
By Edgar H. Brenner, J.D.

The Cleveland Plaque: Cloudy Places of the Maya Realm
By Andrea Stone

The Lazy-S: A Formative Period Iconographic Loan
To Maya Hieroglyphic Writing

By F. Kent Reilly, III

The Shaman's Stance: Integration of Body,
Spirit and Cosmos in Olmec Sculpture

By Carolyn E. Tate

The Deity Head Variants of Glyph C
By John H. Linden